Opening Remarks for Recognition Day

Recognition Day is the culmination of all hard work and a year of study. It is the day when you students can say, “I’ve done it.” It is an important milestone in your life and today we gather and celebrate success.

To our distinguished guests who will be introduced later, our beloved principal, ________________, my fellow teachers as well as the non teaching staff, parents and _____________High School students, a pleasant morning.

Each recognition day is not an end, but a new beginning. A time where we reap what we have planted throughout the year. We harvest the fruit of our hardships, struggles and faith.

They say losing is not always a defeat, and winning is not always a victory. Today, not everybody may have made it to the top, but those who did, are the ones called “cream of the crop”, so to our honorees, congratulations, we are proud of you. May your shining example continue to inspire and transpire the youth of today in their continuous quest for academic excellence.

To those who weren’t able to make it, do not despair, keep trying and study harder for you will have your time, there is always a reason the way things turn out to be, and sometimes, they’re beyond our control, what’s important is you did your best, so I congratulate everyone for trying.

To the parents and guardians who have worked so hard and gave their best to their children no matter how hard life is, hats off. And to the teachers, who have done their tremendous tasks, a job well done.

In behalf of the __________ (write the school) family, I welcome you all to this momentous event. Good day everyone.


Ang Batang Matapat

Announcer: Candidate Number 1!

James: Nagutom… Nahilo.. Natumba… Nawalan ng Malaysia!

Announcer: Candidate Number 2!

James: Sa bansang mahal ang bigas, gayundin ang gas, maraming mandurugas at maraming patatas… Pilipinas!

Papa: JAMES EMMANUEL ALVAREZ ESTRADA! Nanunuod ka na naman ng TV? Natapos mo na ba ang assignment mo?

James: O.. Opo Pa. Natataranta kong sabi sabay lipat ng channel ng TV.

Papa: Eh ano bang pinapanuod mo at talagang tutok na tutok ka d’yan?

James: Ay ano po Pa, karate. Malapit na po kasi ang laban naming sa Taekwondo.  ‘Eto nga po oh, Haaaayahhh… yahhh.. yaaahhh (imitates taekwondo positions/Kung Fu panda)

Papa: S’ya sige sa halip na manuod ng TV, mag ensayo ka at mag-aral ng mabuti.

James: Yes Sir (sabay salute), mag – iingat po kayo.

Magandang araw po sa inyong lahat, ako po si James, walong taong gulang. Ang pinaka mabait sa 5 magkakapatid.

Mama: James?

James: Po Ma?

Mama: Tama na munang panunuod ng TV, magwalis ka muna ng bakuran.

James: Opo Ma.

Habang nagwawalis si James ng bakuran at pakanta kanta at pasayaw sayaw pa.

“May tatlong Bibe akong nakita, Mataba, mapayat mga bibe, Ngunit ang may pakpak Sa likod ay iisa, Siya ang lider na nagsabi ng Kwak, kwak, Kwak…” (with actions of tatlong bibe ni Makmak sa Ang probinsyano) Wow! Isang daang piso, baka nahulog ito ni Papa kanina habang nagmamadali sya.

(Tunog Selecta) Tingtining ting ting tiningting ting ting

Wow, ice cream, tamang tama. Kayo? Gusto n’yo din ba ng ice cream? Kaya lang, hindi akin itong pera, baka kailangan ito ni Papa. Pero ang init init at ang sarap kumain ng sorbetes, hindi naman malalaman ni Mama na nakapulot ako ng pera.

Ssshhhhh! (to audience)

Kunsensya: Avisalah! (just like Imao in Encantadia)

James: (Nagulat) Huh! Sino ka?

Kunsensya: Ako ang iyong kunsensya.

James: Eh di Wow!

Kunsensya: Hindi ibig sabihin na kapag nakita mo ang isang bagay, may nakakita man o wala, kapag hindi ito sa ‘yo, hindi mo dapat inaangkin.

James: Oo na, ganun naman lagi eh, akala mo sa ‘yo na pero hindi naman pala, masasaktan ka lang.

Kunsensya: Ang katapatan ay walang pinipiling lugar at oras. Hindi lahat ng tao kaya maging matapat. Ngunit sa katapatan, ‘dun natin mararamdaman ang tunay na ligaya.

James: Kung gayun, simula ngayon sisiguraduhin ko na ako’y magiging matapat. Ang batang matapat ay kaibigan ng lahat.

Be Grateful

Grandma: Joanne, can you check where your brother is.

Joanne: “Just give me a reason, just a little bit’s enough, I’m not broken just bent, and we can learn to love again.”

Grandma: Joanne, stop singing, it’s already raining hard.

Joanne: Can you just shut up Lola, sing if you want.

Grandma: What did you say?

Joanne: Nothing! You can’t hear me anyway.

Grandma: Go get your brother, he’s playing in the rain, he might get sick.

Joanne: Whatever! Jolou! Come here! Don’t make me slap you.

Jolou: Hi Ate! Rain is cold. Jolou love play in the rain. Come and get me!

Instead of getting inside the house, Jolou ran some more, he enjoys the rain as much as I hate it. What kind of family do I have? A slow moving and deaf grandmother to take care of us, and an autistic for a brother. I’m very fortunate don’t you think? *sigh*

Jolou: Ate! Ate! I’m here. Run ate! *laughing*

Joanne: Now, I’m all wet, I really hate this family. I really hope I just spend my days in the streets, without anyone telling me what to do and what not to do!

Joanne mumbles as she literally stomps out of the house to fetch Jolou. When she saw a little girl helpless on the street.

Little girl: Help! Ate, help us, do you have food?

Joanne: Where are your parents? You street children, you don’t know anything but ask for alms, said the ever arrogant Joanne.

Little girl: I have no mommy and daddy. They left me.

And the girl started crying and running away.

Joanne: Ow, I.. I’m so sorry..

But it was too late, the little girl was already far from her sight. Then a woman appeared.

Crazy Woman: Hahaha, it’s raining! Can’t you see? *crying* My child, where is my child? You! You! You! You killed my son! I will kill all of you! Hahaha. It’s raining… It will drown you.. you! You are my child.. you..

Then she started grabbing Joanne and hugging her.

Joanne: No! I’m not your daughter, get off me. Lola! Jolou! Help me..

Grandma: Joanne! Wake up! Joanne!

Joanne: Lola? I’m so sorry, I know I should have been more grateful of all the blessing God has given me.

Jolou: Ate? Why cry? Jolou is here. Jolou make you happy Ate. Jolou love Ate very much.

Joanne: I love you too Jolou.

Grandma: It’s never too late my child, everyday is an opportunity to be thankful fr the things you have.

Joanne: We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude. We often compare ourselves to others, and feel bad because we think others have more when we have less. How about you? How often do you pause to appreciate what you have in life? It might be too late.

Saved by the Bell

Budoy: “Shhhh!Waaaahh!”

Milky: “Budoy, what are you doing?”

Budoy: “Budoy idol Milky! Budoy keeps keeps practice, everyday. So that Milky will.. will like.. Budoy.”

Milky: (following the tune of call me maybe) “Hey I just met you, and you are crazy. But here’s my number, so call me maybe. Ew! Stop following me, you might be a misfortune.” Hi, I’m Milky, I’m small, but I’m the fastest in our track and field team.

Coach: Hey Milky! Why are you alone, where are your teammates?

Milky: I don’t like to be with them coach, they will just slow me down.

Coach: Milky, that is not how sports work. We have to work as a team and help one another. We are joining competitions for us to gain more friends and develop ourselves.

Milky: Whatever Coach. Goodbye!

Coach: (moves head from left to right)

Today is Milky’s big race, Milky has been the champion for track and field for 3 years, and on her last year in elementary, she wants to make sure she gets the trophy.

Sugar: (high class) “Look, here goes the boastful pony. Haha, runs like a baby horse, you think she will win today?”

Coffee: (guy) Huh! I don’t think so, the tiger.. rarrr! Will definitely outshine the horse!

Sugar: They say, she wasn’t even practicing because her opponents are just like turtles for her. Hahahaha.

Coffee: Let’s see about that. Sports is not an avenue for bad attitudes. Come on girl, let’s teach someone a lesson.

During the race.

Coffee: Hey Milky, I’m Coffee, your chocolatey buddy, and pooooof you will definitely loose!

Milky: No. I will definitely win this again. I have been THE champion for 3 years and no one, NO ONE will be able to get near my throne.

Budoy: Hi.. hi Milky, Budoy race be.. beside.. beside you..

Announcer: Ready, on your mark, get set.. GO!

At first, Milky was leaving her opponents behind, she was fast, running, never looking back, but because she wasn’t practicing for a long time, halfway she was racing her breath.

Milky: Huh.. huh.. huh.. No this can’t be true. I must win..

She eventually fainted, and guess what.. Budoy, her knight and shining armor came to her rescue. Budoy put his hands on Milky’s chin and prepares for the legendary mouth to mouth resuscitation.

Milky: “No!!!!!!”

She was screaming on top of her lungs, but there was no energy left for her body to move.

Budoy: Mil.. milky.. Bu.. Budoy will will save you.. save you.. mmmmmwwwaaaa!

Milky: “Nooooo!!!!” (birtud) Please Lord, help me, I promise I will practice and I will never be boastful, and I will use sports to gain more friends. I’m really sorry please save meeeee.

Kriiing! Kriiiing! Kriiiiing!

Mom: Milky! Wake up, breakfast is ready. Your teammates are already here for your practice.

Milky: (following the tune of I will survive) I have survived! I have survived! YEAH! YEAH!

That was quite a relief. In sports we gain friends, become responsible and develop our skills, we also win or lose, but we learn how to accept defeat in a positive way, and with friends and our team we always win.

Budoy: “Hi.. Mil.. Milky.. Are you.. you re.. ready? I’m sure.. you’ll be.. be.. the.. the CHAMPION! YEAH! YEAH!

More than Being the Valedictorian

“Yes!Yes!Yes! I got a perfect score. See I told you, I’m going to be the number 1, the top and the best on our class. I’m milky, because when I was born, I was white as snow, or milk, because if it was snow, I should have been called snowhite, right?”

“Milky, get down here, please help your mom fix the table for dinner.”

“What Dad? Why me? I’m so tired of studying.” Then Milky stomped her feet and banged the door of her room. Blag!

And all of a sudden, tok tok tok!

“Ate, please open the door, help me with my assignment.”

“Stop it please, stop being a spoiled brat, do it your own, I still need to review for our exams tomorrow.”

“But ate, I just need someone to cut the papers for me, my hands are small, our teacher told me to ask somebody to cut it, because I might cut my fingers, please ate.”

“No! Get lost!”

Then Milky’s cellphone rung, kriiiing, kriiiing, kriiiiing.

“Hello? Who’s this?”

“Hey, milky is this you? This is Andrew. Remember me? We were classmates back in prep school. How are you?”

OMGoodness! Can you believe it? Andrew is calling me, he is cutest and most handsome guy in our class. “Wow, Andrew, of course I remember you, how can I ever forget. How are you?”

Meanwhile, downstairs.

“Mom! Mom! (crying) I see red, all over my hand.”

“Brent! What happened, what were you doing, you’re bleeding.”

“Mom, I’m not going to die right? No rice will go out of my wound right? (crying)

“Hush, come here, everything will be alright, were you cutting your papers again?”

“I’m doing my assignment mom, and Ate won’t help me, she told me, I need to do it alone.”

“It’s okay Brent, I’ll talk to your ate about this. You’re a brave kid, you will be alright.”

“Thanks mom.” (hug)


“Really now Andrew? Don’t worry I will definitely be the Valedictorian, and we will be seeing each other in High School. (chuckles)

“That’s great news Milky, oh I need to go, I need to help my brother for his assignment, nice talking to you Milky, see you!”

“okay, bye!”

Milky then suddenly remembered her brother. She came running down the stairs shouting.

“Brent! Brent! Where are you? Let me help…”

She saw Brent crying on one corner while holding his finger covered with gauze.

“Ate, there’s red all over my hand. I’m scared, but Mom told me, no rice will come out, is it true?”

“Of course, lil bro, everything will just be perfect, I’m really sorry for taking you for granted.”

“Mom? I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay Milky, sometimes, we need to learn our lessons the hard way, it’s just good that your brother wasn’t injured bad. I know you must prioritize your studies, we also want to see you graduate with flying colors, but above all those medals is your family. Your brother, me and your Dad, is one of your greatest achievements.”

“I’m really sorry mom, and don’t worry I’ll be a better sister from now.”

No medal or trophy can be as best as having a brother, and sometimes being a sister is even better than being a superhero.