Saved by the Bell

Budoy: “Shhhh!Waaaahh!”

Milky: “Budoy, what are you doing?”

Budoy: “Budoy idol Milky! Budoy keeps keeps practice, everyday. So that Milky will.. will like.. Budoy.”

Milky: (following the tune of call me maybe) “Hey I just met you, and you are crazy. But here’s my number, so call me maybe. Ew! Stop following me, you might be a misfortune.” Hi, I’m Milky, I’m small, but I’m the fastest in our track and field team.

Coach: Hey Milky! Why are you alone, where are your teammates?

Milky: I don’t like to be with them coach, they will just slow me down.

Coach: Milky, that is not how sports work. We have to work as a team and help one another. We are joining competitions for us to gain more friends and develop ourselves.

Milky: Whatever Coach. Goodbye!

Coach: (moves head from left to right)

Today is Milky’s big race, Milky has been the champion for track and field for 3 years, and on her last year in elementary, she wants to make sure she gets the trophy.

Sugar: (high class) “Look, here goes the boastful pony. Haha, runs like a baby horse, you think she will win today?”

Coffee: (guy) Huh! I don’t think so, the tiger.. rarrr! Will definitely outshine the horse!

Sugar: They say, she wasn’t even practicing because her opponents are just like turtles for her. Hahahaha.

Coffee: Let’s see about that. Sports is not an avenue for bad attitudes. Come on girl, let’s teach someone a lesson.

During the race.

Coffee: Hey Milky, I’m Coffee, your chocolatey buddy, and pooooof you will definitely loose!

Milky: No. I will definitely win this again. I have been THE champion for 3 years and no one, NO ONE will be able to get near my throne.

Budoy: Hi.. hi Milky, Budoy race be.. beside.. beside you..

Announcer: Ready, on your mark, get set.. GO!

At first, Milky was leaving her opponents behind, she was fast, running, never looking back, but because she wasn’t practicing for a long time, halfway she was racing her breath.

Milky: Huh.. huh.. huh.. No this can’t be true. I must win..

She eventually fainted, and guess what.. Budoy, her knight and shining armor came to her rescue. Budoy put his hands on Milky’s chin and prepares for the legendary mouth to mouth resuscitation.

Milky: “No!!!!!!”

She was screaming on top of her lungs, but there was no energy left for her body to move.

Budoy: Mil.. milky.. Bu.. Budoy will will save you.. save you.. mmmmmwwwaaaa!

Milky: “Nooooo!!!!” (birtud) Please Lord, help me, I promise I will practice and I will never be boastful, and I will use sports to gain more friends. I’m really sorry please save meeeee.

Kriiing! Kriiiing! Kriiiiing!

Mom: Milky! Wake up, breakfast is ready. Your teammates are already here for your practice.

Milky: (following the tune of I will survive) I have survived! I have survived! YEAH! YEAH!

That was quite a relief. In sports we gain friends, become responsible and develop our skills, we also win or lose, but we learn how to accept defeat in a positive way, and with friends and our team we always win.

Budoy: “Hi.. Mil.. Milky.. Are you.. you re.. ready? I’m sure.. you’ll be.. be.. the.. the CHAMPION! YEAH! YEAH!


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