Opening Remarks for Recognition Day

Recognition Day is the culmination of all hard work and a year of study. It is the day when you students can say, “I’ve done it.” It is an important milestone in your life and today we gather and celebrate success.

To our distinguished guests who will be introduced later, our beloved principal, ________________, my fellow teachers as well as the non teaching staff, parents and _____________High School students, a pleasant morning.

Each recognition day is not an end, but a new beginning. A time where we reap what we have planted throughout the year. We harvest the fruit of our hardships, struggles and faith.

They say losing is not always a defeat, and winning is not always a victory. Today, not everybody may have made it to the top, but those who did, are the ones called “cream of the crop”, so to our honorees, congratulations, we are proud of you. May your shining example continue to inspire and transpire the youth of today in their continuous quest for academic excellence.

To those who weren’t able to make it, do not despair, keep trying and study harder for you will have your time, there is always a reason the way things turn out to be, and sometimes, they’re beyond our control, what’s important is you did your best, so I congratulate everyone for trying.

To the parents and guardians who have worked so hard and gave their best to their children no matter how hard life is, hats off. And to the teachers, who have done their tremendous tasks, a job well done.

In behalf of the __________ (write the school) family, I welcome you all to this momentous event. Good day everyone.


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