More than Being the Valedictorian

“Yes!Yes!Yes! I got a perfect score. See I told you, I’m going to be the number 1, the top and the best on our class. I’m milky, because when I was born, I was white as snow, or milk, because if it was snow, I should have been called snowhite, right?”

“Milky, get down here, please help your mom fix the table for dinner.”

“What Dad? Why me? I’m so tired of studying.” Then Milky stomped her feet and banged the door of her room. Blag!

And all of a sudden, tok tok tok!

“Ate, please open the door, help me with my assignment.”

“Stop it please, stop being a spoiled brat, do it your own, I still need to review for our exams tomorrow.”

“But ate, I just need someone to cut the papers for me, my hands are small, our teacher told me to ask somebody to cut it, because I might cut my fingers, please ate.”

“No! Get lost!”

Then Milky’s cellphone rung, kriiiing, kriiiing, kriiiiing.

“Hello? Who’s this?”

“Hey, milky is this you? This is Andrew. Remember me? We were classmates back in prep school. How are you?”

OMGoodness! Can you believe it? Andrew is calling me, he is cutest and most handsome guy in our class. “Wow, Andrew, of course I remember you, how can I ever forget. How are you?”

Meanwhile, downstairs.

“Mom! Mom! (crying) I see red, all over my hand.”

“Brent! What happened, what were you doing, you’re bleeding.”

“Mom, I’m not going to die right? No rice will go out of my wound right? (crying)

“Hush, come here, everything will be alright, were you cutting your papers again?”

“I’m doing my assignment mom, and Ate won’t help me, she told me, I need to do it alone.”

“It’s okay Brent, I’ll talk to your ate about this. You’re a brave kid, you will be alright.”

“Thanks mom.” (hug)


“Really now Andrew? Don’t worry I will definitely be the Valedictorian, and we will be seeing each other in High School. (chuckles)

“That’s great news Milky, oh I need to go, I need to help my brother for his assignment, nice talking to you Milky, see you!”

“okay, bye!”

Milky then suddenly remembered her brother. She came running down the stairs shouting.

“Brent! Brent! Where are you? Let me help…”

She saw Brent crying on one corner while holding his finger covered with gauze.

“Ate, there’s red all over my hand. I’m scared, but Mom told me, no rice will come out, is it true?”

“Of course, lil bro, everything will just be perfect, I’m really sorry for taking you for granted.”

“Mom? I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay Milky, sometimes, we need to learn our lessons the hard way, it’s just good that your brother wasn’t injured bad. I know you must prioritize your studies, we also want to see you graduate with flying colors, but above all those medals is your family. Your brother, me and your Dad, is one of your greatest achievements.”

“I’m really sorry mom, and don’t worry I’ll be a better sister from now.”

No medal or trophy can be as best as having a brother, and sometimes being a sister is even better than being a superhero.


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